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A Clearer Vision

Posted by Anne Tarantino on April 3, 2010 at 9:47 PM

Wow, the amount of progress for this fundraiser and also for the larger vision is amazing. We hear so much about so many terrible things and terrible people in the world. It's nice to write about great people, great things and HOPE!

So, this whole thing started off as a fundraiser to help someone with cancer. Well, when we dug into that, the feds were none to happy about donating money to an individual. How dare we do that!!!! We probably could do something the first year and be ok, but if we continued to help people by donating money to them, well they would get taxed we would get .....whatever punishment the feds would give us for helping people. Apparently that's a bad thing in the eyes of the IRS and the Feds.

There have been so many people stepping up (out of nowhere it seems) to help provide food, equipment, services for the June 12th fundraiser that it is overwhelming. Thank you will never be enough. Both individuals and businesses have been eager to help.

For this fundraiser, the funds will go to headcovering programs for those that want a headcovering and we are creating a program for gas cards. So many times we hear about the patients large medical bills, costs of prescritptions and due to the lack of income the everyday needs like gas to commute to appointments or to the mayo, go overlooked. The American Cancer Society does provide 1 headcovering, but the waiting list is long. This could have a few people a bit more quickly.

We came up with a clearer larger vision. The Funny Farm Fundraiser is a non profit organization, but the board decided that to help people on a larger level, there had to be more than a fundraiser or 2 a year and would people take the name "Funny Farm" in a negative way? So, the decision was to make a larger non profit and fundraising piece be "The Funny Farm".

The larger organization is called the River of Ribbons. Why? Each type of cancer and other illnesses have different color ribbons: Pink, breast cancer. Black, melanomoa and mouring. Brown, colon cancer. Here is a link to view the chart:

The decision was made to not limit help to a specific cancer, or illness, treatment or organization. The large (VERY LARGE) picture is to have a center where people with many severe illnesses can go to get educated on their illness and options for their disease. Their education would consist not only of mainstream treatments, but eastern, holistic, natural treatments as well. Some will call that "new age" or "woo woo" type of treatment, but we want each individual to be educated on all treatment options so they can make the best decision for themselves. We are not here to promote one or the other, but to give options. The other piece of this center would be to give people resources, local and national for things they decide they need. Legal advice, dietary advice etc just to name a few.

We have medical professionals, legal professionals and alternative medical professionals offering to assist in developing this center by donating time and knowledge. There are no words that can express the gratitude.

Join us on June 12, 2010 to meet these wonderful people. Pehaps our vision will become clearer to more people and hope will spread.

Now for the hard piece. MONEY!! UGH!! We hope the center will be up and running in 5 years. Help us to get there. Donations for programs will be taken at the fundraiser, but stay tuned here and on our web page for updates. You can donate the day of the fundraiser, online or you can meet with the board members if that is desired.

Thanks all for letting me drone on and on! Hopefully, with eveyone's help we can succeed at both our short and long term goals.

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Posted by FunnyfarmMN at 5:23 AM

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