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Scientific or Holistic Treatment??

Posted by Anne Tarantino on March 6, 2010 at 9:09 AM

And what could possibly be the answer?


So, I got up this morning and decided that my coffee time was going to be devoted to doing some research on cancer and the environment so I could spread my plethora of knowledge amongst those who choose to listen. And of course, we involved with the Funny Farm are "Against Cancer and for the Environment" right?


I stumbled upon cancer treatments and the question came to me, "what kind of treatments would I choose if I got the news I had "the c-word"? When I found some information all that came to my mind was OMG WTF? The knowledge I have could fill a thimble. The more I read the less I knew. So after reading, my knowledge can fill about 1/4 of a thimble. Aren't you glad you're reading?


So, scientific or holistic treatment? One? Both? Neither? Obviously an individual decision- like being republican or democrat. Gasp! Can anything be that bad where you compare it to politicians?


I sit and pretend like I just got the news and I need to make a decision, so far here are my choices:


Scientific: typically chemo and radiation you get to get all kinds of poison in your body, feel non stop nausea, diarrhea, lose your hair and your dignity. Long term affects can be "chemo brain" where it feels like an early Alzheimer's and in some cases your never the same, never recover your energy etc.


Holistic: Meditation, Acupuncture,Coffee Enema? Really? These are just a few. I can't find really any side effects. Hmmm, is this real? It makes sense to me to get in touch with your inner self and heal from the inside out, but how do we "prove" that it works?


Scientific or holistic?


In a conversation with some friends last night, this question came up. A woman there made a simple statement. She said "Trust Yourself" Most people are so far from being able to do that, we all want the quick fix. She used a great example last night that made sense about trusting. She said back before all of this modern medical stuff, people used to trust themselves in what plant to eat or use for ailments, or they would watch the animals. If the animals all rushed to shelter the instinct was move to shelter and they trusted that instinct. Perhaps it's getting in tune with ourselves to trust our instincts on our treatment for our bodies individually.


It makes me think of my good friend Cindy. She was diagnosed with stage 4 Ovarian cancer and told to "get her affairs in order" She had to face this very same decision. Her first instinct before the surgery, chemo and radiation was to research holistic medications. At first her decision was to just follow the holistic plan. Her partner of many years and her family wanted no part of that. The doctors at mayo said not to take those meds they were "quacks". Cindy, being the kind, quiet, wise (and a little rebellious) just continued with her holistic meds, AND did chemo and radiation although the "good doctors" at Mayo felt she wouldn't live.


2 years have passed, Cindy is cancer free.


Maybe it's just that simple, TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS.

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