Fight Against Cancer and For the Environment

Why We Had To Create this Web Site!

We have been trying to think of a way that we can help those and their families that are affected by cancer and at the same time ensure that the funds don’t get caught up in a large bureaucratic organization where the administration gets more than the person that needs it. The first idea (by Kay) was to buy ANOTHER farm (120) acres and do organic farming and feed every person in the world, that has cancer, organic food. All this while running a business, AND taking care of the 10 acres of "funny farm" we currently struggle to keep up with. I just had to put my foot down when she wanted me to drive a John Deere!


So after she came to her senses we thought about doing a fundraiser that would be fun AND include the things we love most………our cars…..and YOURS!  We would like to do a fundraiser and have those of you that would like to participate bring your beautiful cars (and your beautiful selves) out to our farm for a mini car show on Saturday June 12, 2010 at 5850 450th St., Harris, MN 55032